See what a book can do for you

Recently, a businessman told this story. . .

"I was sitting next to a man on an airplaine and we started talking. After I told him about the work I was doing, he asked me for a business card. Instead, I asked him if he would like a copy of my book. He was amazed. Just like that--in a flash! I was established. People really respect authors. A book is an exceptional way to let people know who you are and what you have to offer".

Schoolhouse built during the Gold Rush

Your book can:

Give you a platform to share your knowledge and ideas

Establish your credentials in your field and open doors in the professional and academic communities

Make you money

Help you get speaking engagements

Give you a sense of personal accomplishment

A book about what you do for a living can:

Increase your visibility. A google search may turn up your name once, but if you have a book, your name will pop up many times. On-line bookstores and reviews will make you more accessible.

Be a mutli-faceted business tool. You will be able to sell books at seminars and speaking engagements, circulate it among your colleagues, and give it away as a premium.

Increase sales. Books are magnets for customers and clients.

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"A book is like a 250 page business card."

--Susan Campbell, Ph.D. author of Getting Real: The Ten Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life

"Authors have three advantages in getting speaking engagements:

Earn more per speech

Makes it easier to get radio and television interviews--which in turn--gets you more speaking engagements

Makes you a safe choice of organizations and associations hiring a speaker"

--Fred Gleek, author of Speaking for Millions